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Perforce's application quality suite unlocks superior quality. These powerful tools help teams release high-quality and reliable apps with confidence. Perfecto combines the power of flexible test authoring, cross-platform execution, and intelligent analytics into one quality platform to help your team test more, test faster, and deliver exceptional experiences. BlazeMeter delivers unmatched quality at scale thanks to its comprehensive, end-to-end testing platform that offers performance & functional testing, API testing & monitoring, AI-driven test data, and service virtualization. Delphix automates sensitive data discovery and masking while rapidly deploying production-quality datasets to all environments. Perforce enables shift-left testing and accelerated release cycles.

QASource provides dedicated outsourced quality software testing engineers and expertise to clients who must deliver thoroughly tested code for internal and commercial applications.

Our proven approach combines extensive training, dedicated teams, standard and AI-augmented testing methodologies, and optimized communication protocols to quickly onboard new clients, deeply integrate with their development teams, and maximize their output, quality, and speed.

We invest substantially in our staff, including rigorous onboarding processes, ongoing learning programs, work-life balance policies, and dedicated engineers for each client. The result is QASource’s industry-leading staff retention rates, which reduce team disruption and maximize productivity.

Our long-term client relationships and high satisfaction rates prove that for over 23 years, we have led the industry in outsourced software quality engineering.

Since 1996, Software Dimensions has been offering training, consulting and professional certifications in many aspects of software. The global company was founded with the mission to promote best practices in software development and testing. Software Dimensions achieves this goal through education-based certifications and practical training. To ensure that training will always lead to significant improvement in team performance, our trainers are all consultant who have been working in their field of specialization for a minimum of 20 years.

In 1999, Software Dimensions established the International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) as a global institution with an advisory Board of experts and practitioners with mission of advancing the software testing and quality assurance profession through education-based certifications. IIST has twelve different certifications covering every aspect of software testing and quality assurance. IIST also has over 100 courses that covers every aspect of software testing and quality assurance. IIST trained and certified over tens of thousands of professionals around the globe.

The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) is an educational and professional development organization that has been founded to meet the following goal: To promote disciplined approaches to software testing and to caution against ad hoc testing by non-qualified individuals and groups.

To Achieve this goal, IIST Operates to the following charter:
  1. To advance the software testing profession through education-based software testing certifications
  2. To provide free software testing training to help organizations with limited or no training budget.
  3. To create a pool of qualified software testing professionals to meet the needs of testing organizations.
  4. To provide assistance and guidance to organizations around the world in every aspect of testing of all types of software systems.
  5. To provide a framework for assessing organizational testing practices and procedures.
  6. To partner with different software quality groups around the world to assure continuity of information flow among testing professionals.
  7. To provide an open forum for discussing different testing issues.
  8. In order to follow its charter, IIST relies on the support and guidance from its Advisory Board which consists of authorities and practitioners in the field

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